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 Sophie Dyke, fully insured with the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP)

Pain can manifest as lameness, or a change in behaviour or performance. During athletic pursuits, the musculoskeletal system is put under extra strain- increasing the risk of injury. To help prevent injury, routine check ups are vital to identify and improve areas of weakness, and to optimise performance and recovery pre and post competition. Physiotherapy can also help to prevent secondary complications arising from injury or box rest. Common complaints include;

  • Negative behaviours- including bucking, rearing

  • Poor performance- including lack of impulsion etc.

  • Refusing jumps

  • Schooling problems

  • Stiffness

  • Joint problems- including stiffness, swelling and osteoarthritis

  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries

  • Post-surgical injuries- including kissing spines and fractures

  • Chronic conditions- including navicular, suspensory desmitis

  • Trauma injuries- from falls cross country


All types of dog, from working and agility to domestic dogs may require physiotherapy at some point in their lives. Common complaints include;

  • Difficulty in lying down or getting up

  • Poor performance

  • Stiffness before or after exercise

  • Not wanting to go out for walks, or walking more slowly

  • Vocal expressions of pain when touching limbs or back

  • Unwillingness to jump into or from cars, or to climb stairs

  • Neurological problems

  • Spinal problems

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation- including fractures, canine cruciate ligament disease, patella luxation, intervertebral disc disease

  • Unexplained behavioural changes- increased nervousness or aggression

  • Limping, unlevelness, toe dragging

  • Changes in gait or posture

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Breed related issues 

  • Trauma related- following a RTA, dog attack, or another accident

Other animals;

Veterinary physiotherapy isn’t just for horses and dogs! It can be useful for cats, other small animals, livestock and a variety of other species.  Feel free to get in touch with any questions...

Common complaints include;

  • Trauma related- following an RTA or fall from height

  • Fractures

  • Unevenness in gait

  • Osteorthritis

  • Haematoma formation

  • Joint dislocations

  • Developmental conditions  

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